WRN Kids – Trail Trimming at SpruceHaven

Trail Trimming at SpruceHaven

Saturday, December 17, 2022

On Saturday December 17, WRN Kids met with WRN Teens at SpruceHaven to do some trail work. We trimmed tree branches and plants that were hanging over the trails. It was interesting to notice the different textures, colours and flexibility of the branches and plants we cut.


The weather was chilly and overcast but we were dressed warmly. There was a bit of snow on the ground and we saw some animal tracks. We were undecided if they were from a muskrat or possum. It was little bit windy and we could hear the faint sound of the ice coating the branches crack.

It was great to be outside and with other people who value nature and the special place that SpruceHaven is.

We trimmed many branches and took them home to make holiday decorations.

Thank you SpruceHaven and WRN Teens for sharing this outing with us!

submitted by Rachelle