Current Projects


In May 2015, with funding from the Region of Waterloo, TD’s Friends of the Environment Foundation, and the University of Waterloo, WRN began the EcoPosts initiative. EcoPosts aims to inform the public about Waterloo Region’s natural heritage, and will encourage folk to explore the outdoors. The project will achieve this through informative signs placed in various natural areas. Using an EcoPost’s QR code and a smart phone or tablet, a user will be able to quickly access a website with information on the natural features of the area. Each web page accessed also informs the viewer of nearby areas of interest (both natural areas and other features). The website will be accessible to people of all ages, and can also be used at home as a resource on Waterloo region’s natural heritage. The web page also has a form for user input, about species sightings, management issues etc.

Peregrine Nest Box

Past Projects


Peregrine Nest Box

In February 2015 we donated the money needed to build a light-weight nest box to put on the CTV tower in Kitchener where the pair of downtown resident Peregrine Falcons hatched and successfully fledged four chicks.


Pollinator Information Session

In April 2015 we paid to rent a theatre for a Sierra Club Canada information session on pollinators and the risks to them from neonicotinoid pesticides.

Past Donations from our Sanctuary Fund



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Duntroon Crevice Heights
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