WRN Kids – Turtles

Today’s topic was turtles. We played a game where some of us were turtles and the other ones were cars. I was a painted turtle. I learned that turtles have trouble crossing roads.

We did a turtle circle. The turtles were Shelldon, a painted turtle, and Franklin, a red-eared slider. Shelldon is covered with red and smaller than Franklin. Shelldon was really fast and Franklin was kind of fast.

We went outside and saw frogs at the pond. We saw one green frog and lots of leopard frogs. We saw a turtle nesting area by the pond, which looked like a giant sand pile. Turtles lay their eggs in sand. I felt wet by the pond because it was raining. It started light and then got hard and then there was no rain. It was crazy!

We went back inside and the kids made turtle crossing signs. They are to keep people from killing turtles by running them over. The grown ups made turtle nesting boxes.

I felt happy about today because I learned a lot about turtles. I liked being a turtle in the game and that was my favourite part of the day.

Coralie – WRN Kids member