WRN Kids – Christmas Bird Count for Kids 2024

Christmas Bird Count for Kids at rare Charitable Research Reserve

Saturday February 2, 2024

WRN Kids participated in the Christmas Bird Count for Kids at rare Charitable Research Reserve. It was a beautiful morning to spend outside looking for birds – sunny and mild!

Coyote scat

Some interesting things we found while looking for birds include a praying mantis egg case that was empty of eggs, scat from a coyote, and deer fur and foot prints.

When we explored under an osprey’s nest we found fish bones!

We also counted over 30 piles of deer scat in a field on the way to the river.

Praying Mantis egg case
Deer footprint
Fish bones under an Osprey nest
Deer scat

At the river, we saw Buffleheads, Mergansers and over 100 Goldeneyes!

In addition to seeing birds and evidence of animals, we had lots of fun exploring the thin coating of ice on the wet trails and climbing on a smooth shelf of icy snow.

When we got back to the barn we tallied our count and in total, we identified 16 species of birds by sight and sound!

Reported by Rachelle

Bird Checklist