Celebrating 90 years – with new badges!

Waterloo Region Nature is celebrating it’s 90th year in 2024. Happy anniversary! To mark this milestone we are creating a set of badges to celebrate our favourite natural spaces in Waterloo Region. Members have 3 weeks to identify top valued natural spaces.

Voting starts February 26! Members can vote for their top 5 locations. If you want to vote, and you’re not a member yet, please visit our Membership page.

We will make badges for the most popular places. We are aiming to name the locations on Earth Day (April 22) and have badges available by May, 2024 – the month of the first naturalists’ meeting in 1934.

Want to nominate a place to the list? Send your choices to outings@waterlooregionnature.ca. Below are the spaces nominated to date:

Bannister Lake Conservation Area

Bechtel Park

Breithaupt Park Natural Area

Chilligo Conservation Area

Clair Lake Park

Drynan Regional Forest

Dumfries Conservation Area

Elmira Nature Reserve

Forks of the Grand River

FWR Dickson Wilderness area

Homer Watson Park

Huron Natural Area

Kolb Park

Lakeside Park

Laurel Creek Conservation Area

Linear Trail (aka Bob McMullen Trail)

The Mill Race

Mike Schout Wetlands Preserve

Monarch Woods

rare Charitable Research Reserve

RIM park

Riverside Park, Cambridge

Sandy Hills Regional Forest

Schmidt Woods

Schneiders Woods

Shade’s Mills park

Snyder’s Flats Conservation Area

Stamm Woodlot

Steckle Woods

Sudden Regional Forest

Sugarbush Park

UW Environmental reserve (includes Columbia Lake)

Victoria Park

Walker Woods

Waterloo Park

Woodside Park

A puzzle showing multiple overlapping badges from many American national parks
Celebrating natural spaces with badges