WRN Kids – Trail Trimming at SpruceHaven

Trail Trimming at SpruceHaven

Bonus Outing – Saturday December 16, 2023

Nature Kids met with the Nature Teens to trim trees along the trails at SpruceHaven. The weather was mild and grey but it was heartwarming to be together in such a beautiful place. We trimmed spruce and pine bows, red dogwood, sumac, and other trees. We also cut some grasses, asters and golden rod. All the trimmings looked so beautiful together as bouquets.

We took our cuttings to the house to show Sandy, Jamie and Dave, the owners of SpruceHaven. They wished us a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and were happy to see us enjoying our time there and for the trails being trimmed.

Thank you SpruceHaven and WRN Teens for sharing this outing with us!

submitted by Rachelle