WRN Kids – Predator Prey Game – Oct 2023

Predator Prey Game

On October 28, 2023, we went to Huron Natural Area in Kitchener to play predator vs prey game! It was a nice day to be outside.

There were two carnivores, one was a wolf and the other was an owl. One person was a fox, an omnivore. The rest of us were prey and were herbivores. Some prey animals were squirrels, rabbit, and some were birds. The adults played too, some were prey, or wildfire.

Each prey animal started with 5 tags, they are your lives. If you were a predator you had to chase the prey animals and try to tag them. If you caught a prey animal then they had to give you one of their lives (tag).

In the game there were buckets spread around the area that you had to find, they represented water or food. When you found one you had to take a marker out of the bucket and write down what was written on the bucket. But watch out! A predator might get you before you get to one of the buckets.

The aim for the predator was to get as many life tags from the prey before the game was over.  If you were a prey, the object was to find all the food and water stations before a predator takes all your life tags.  Also, there was a person that was wildfire.  They were trying to tag all the prey and predator at least once before time ran out.

This game was important because it taught us how hard it can be for predators to capture their prey and how hard it is to be a prey. Also, that wildfire doesn’t care if you are a prey or predator.

Reported by Hunter