Christmas Bird Count

2023 is the 124th year for the Christmas Bird Count (CBC). It’s an annual bird census that takes place across North America, designed to track winter bird populations and distributions. This project is made possible by thousands of volunteers who count all birds seen or heard within a 24-km circle on one day between Dec 14 and Jan 5.

This project is coordinated in Canada by Birds Canada, a registered charity for bird research, community science, education, and conservation. Audubon coordinates the project in the USA.  

Want to take part for the first time? You can participate in a few ways – in any case, please contact the CBC leader BEFORE the day for your area to get more details on how to participate:

  • Join in the fun, walk or drive around on the CBC day for your area – contact your CBC leader to get more details
  • Submit sitings using the eBird app or FeederWatch program – but as these apps don’t collect all the info needed for CBC, please contact your leader to find out what additional info is required.

To find out more about your location, contact the leader listed in the post:

If you have taken part before, your contributions have been counted! See some data, below. More to be posted soon!