WRN Kids – Deer Beds and Shelter Building

Deer Beds and Shelter Building at Bechtel Park

Saturday September 30, 2023

Where was it?

The outing was at Bechtel park. We started in the parking lot then made our way into the forest. We stopped by the meadow to look for deer beds and deer scat or poop.

Deer scat
Looking for deer beds

What type of weather?

It was warm and sunny. A beautiful day!

What did you do?

We looked for deer beds. Deer beds are big circles of grass that have been flattened down. We found three deer beds.

We built shelters. The shelters were made out of sticks.

small shelter
Ready for a bunny to move in
building a shelter
Some tricky stick placements

What did you learn?

I learned about deer beds that they are a place that has been patted down. When making a fort, start with a good base like a living tree or else your fort will collapse.

It is important to have a good base in a fort because it will stand up to rain, snow or wind.

Stick Shelter
Looking like home
shelter with sheets
A bit more rain proof
skinny insect
European Mantis

Favourite thing?

The fort building was my favourite part because it was fun. Building is something I really like to do.

Anything else.

I think the Waterloo Region Nature activities are really fun. You would have fun too and if you can join it is a good thing to do!

 Reported by Evee