WRN Kids – Butterfly Hike

Butterfly Hike

On Saturday, September 17, 2022, WRN Kids went on a hike with Thelma Beaubien to look for butterflies.

Today we went on a walk to look for butterflies. It was bright and sunny day and Thelma and Ron took us around private property and we saw at least 9 monarch butterflies, viceroy butterflies and netted a variegated fritillary.

We learned that monarch butterflies fly south-west for the winter to Mexico. When butterflies sleep it is called roosting and they also only “eat” liquid like water, nectar and sweat.

There were also lots of grasshoppers and we heard lots of crickets. We also saw a cool rare plant. Butterflies have really neat looking eyes.

It was very nice of Thelma to give us a copy of her book that she wrote and an informational handout.

Written by Blake and Liam