WRN Kids – Cliffhangers

Cliffhangers at rare – March 26, 2022

Today, we visited a cliffhanger event at RARE. It was a nature walk, guided by two of their leaders, Michelle and Istafa. Before we set out for our walk, a volunteer set up an ice breaker game for the kids. It was called cross the creek, and the coordinator drew a crosshatch grid in the dirt. You were to try to find the patches that were rocks in the creek and cross the creek. It was a fun game for the children, and the adults enjoyed trying to remember which patches were rocks and guessing the next one.

Turkey Tail
Turkey Tail
Cedar forest by river
Michelle and Istafa

Then, we went on the walk. Our first stop was to learn about the barn swallows. There was a large structure standing in the middle of a field, built to give the barn swallows a place to build their nests.

Talking at Bald Eagel statue
We also stopped at a wall of limestone, and the guides said we could look around, gently lifting logs and climbing limestone. We saw snake eggs, hibernating wasps, and even a few fossils engraved in the limestone.
Climbing limestone cliff
Small limestone cliff
Talking at the cliff
Skunk Cabbage
Skunk Cabbage

We made a stop at a swamp, and spoke about how the wetlands are so important to the ecosystem because it’s habitat for so many of the plants and animals.. We saw some skunk cabbage blooming beside the swamp as well!

Crossing water on a boardwalk

The weather was gray and it snowed a little bit, but despite that, we had a great time and the event was a complete success! We definitely recommend going and trying out the experience!

Reported by the Lee family.