100 Years of Birds and Birders at Lakeside Park

100 Years of Birds and Birders at Lakeside Park

For at least a century, Kitchener’s Lakeside Park has been a favoured birding destination for enthusiastic KWFNers from the past and WRNists of the present. In a way, the history of birding at Lakeside can be viewed as a history of the club.

This is a special edition of the Lakeside newsletter. It is a celebration of 100 years of birds and birders at Lakeside Park. March 5, 1921 was the date of the first known written record by a birder of the birds he saw at what was then known as ‘The Waterworks’ or ‘The Waterworks Swamp.’

Read the stories. Discover who that birder was, which birds he saw, what the landscape looked like back then. Find out how the landscape changed through time, and how that affected the birds observed. Read stories of birders of the past right up to the present. Find out what the future may hold for the park.

Mary Ann Vanden Elzen

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