WRN Kids – Snowshoeing and Off-trailing

Snowshoeing and Off-trailing – Huron Natural Area – Feb 26, 2022

Today was a cool -7 degrees but nice and sunny. 
Our topic today was snowshoeing. It was important to learn about snowshoeing in case we ever need to walk through deep snow without tiring ourselves out too much.

game instructions
green light in snowshoe game
kids feet in snowshoes

Today we did 3 snowshoe games. We did an ice fishing relay, red light green light, and clothespin tag.

red light in snowshoe game
After we played games we went off trailing. We found a big hill to climb and then went through the woods and ended up at the pond.
kids on hill
hand feeding chickadees
The activities were very fun and we used a lot of energy doing them. 
I liked walking through the forest best because I’ve never got to do it before.

Reported by Blake.

kids on hill

Once we got to the pond a nice couple game us some birdseed and we were able to feed chickadees right from our hands! We also saw a mouse and a red squirrel who were also interested in the birdseed.