WRN Teens – Hike at Huron Natural Area

WRN Teens Hike at Huron Natural Area, November 27 2021
After our first experience doing monitoring every week from April to October (with a short August break) at SpruceHaven farm, WRN Teens has left the nest boxes and salamanders for a while. We’ve slowed our pace and are back to once or twice a month activities.
Our November activity was a leisurely hike in Huron Natural Area, guided by adult volunteers, Thelma Beaubien and Linda Dutka.  Here is a report written by Mercer, one of the Teens.
Juvenile Eastern Red-spotted Newt from Teens 2021 salamander monitoring
“I will be writing about the highlights from the Guided Hike, this list will be in no particular order. The first highlight was the beaver evidence and dam. The second was when we tried to feed the chickadees. We didn’t have enough time to wait for them to feed off our hands but it was fun nonetheless. The third was the Great Horned Owls we called to and listened to, incredibly the owls called back. The fourth was when we talked about the kettle lakes found in the park, which were formed from ice chunks that fell from ancient retreating glaciers that scraped across North America. The fifth was when we talked about the mixed forests and coniferous forest found in the park. Those were the highlights.”
Thanks to all the Teens who came out, to Mercer for reporting, to Linda and Thelma for leading, and to Teens families for providing transportation.
Marg Paré
WRN Teens coordinator