WRN Kids – Predator Prey Game

Predator Prey Game – Nov 27, 2021

This month, Nature Kids met at RARE in Cambridge. We started out by playing Rock, Paper, Scissors with the life cycle. If we won the rock/paper/scissors challenge, we moved to the next stage of the life cycle. We played with both the butterfly and the frog life cycles.

We each were assigned to be either a herbivore, an omnivore or a carnivore, and we had to survive by getting food and water. There were stations in the woods where we could get food and water.


As a group we walked to an area called the Salamander Forest where we played the Predator Prey Game. This was a lovely forest off the path with lots of space to run around.


If we got food and water, we could get extra “lives” (represented by popsicle sticks) for our species. If we were eaten by those above us in the food chain, we had to give them one of our “lives.” It was a sunny, cold day, but we stayed warm because we did a lot of running around the forest trying to survive.

Carnivore -> Omnivore -> Herbivore
Watch out for the human disrupter in the orange vest!
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At the end of the game, we talked about whether our species survived well, was endangered, or was overpopulated. If there are imbalances in the food chain, it affects the whole food chain. We ended the morning by talking about what we could do to take care of animals and their habitat. What are some things we can do to help endangered species?


Giselle Carter
WR Nature Kids coordinator