WRN Kids – Fun Day of Bird Watching

Fun day of Bird Watching.

On Saturday November 6, we went bird watching at Hillside Park in Waterloo.  The weather was nice, it was cool but no rain.  At first, we played an ice breaker game – would you rather.  It was a fun game. 

We saw a few squirrels running around.  We learned an interesting fact about black squirrels, they are unique to Southern Ontario, and not found in many places outside this area.  There were a lot of squirrel nests in some of the trees.

We saw a few American Robins in the top of some trees.

David was telling us how each year the bird population is declining.  This is why it is important to enjoy and learn about the birds around us.  There were a few Cardinals out as well.  The male Cardinals are bright red, and the females are a light brown in colour.

We had a special guest, David Gascoigne (a bird expert) who led the group.

We learned about invasive plants such as Buckthorn.  The Chickadees were out singing to us and flying around.  They are David’s favourite bird in Ontario, and mine as well.

There were also lots of Mallard ducks swimming in the creek as we crossed over the bridge.  The green head of male Mallard ducks are pretty colour.   We saw a blue Herron flying.

I really enjoy learning about birds and hope to go bird watching again! 

Reported by:     Hunter