Peregrine Falcon Fledge Watch 2021

Kitchener-Waterloo Peregrine Falcon Fledge Watch 2021

The adult peregrine falcons have thrown us a curve in this second year of the pandemic. Rather than raising their four young ones in the perfectly good nest box on the CTV tower, they decided to use a 9th floor ledge at St. Mary’s Hospital.

Fledge watchers are legally permitted during this period since animal rescue is the main objective.

If you feel motivated to get out of the house and observe the activities, email Dale Ingrey at and I will add your name to the parking pass sheet at the hospital and to the fledge watch group list. No experience with previous fledge watches is necessary. All you need is a lawn chair, hat, water, sunscreen, and binoculars or scope if you have one.

The watch will begin in earnest, dawn to dusk, the weekend of June 5 when the five week old peregrines are expected to take their first flights, but watchers are welcome before that as well. Any amount of time from an hour or two or longer would be appreciated. The more eyes the better when the youngsters take flight and possibly come to ground. Covid protocols will be in effect, ie. distancing and masking if in close proximity to others.


Peregrine Nest Box
Peregrine Falcon chicks from a previous year.