WRN Teens report – Sprucing up SpruceHaven

WRN Teens is back in action! On Sat Sept 26 2020, we met in person for the first time since Feb! We wore masks and kept as much distance as possible while doing our first work project of the 2020-21 year. We have a bunch of brand new Teens and a bunch returning and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that we can continue to get to know each other outside in person this year!

Dave and David

For this first project, we worked in one of our favourite places, in partnership with some of our favourite people! Dave Westfall and Sandy Hill kindly welcomed us to their farm-nature-reserve, SpruceHaven in St. Agatha. This time, David Gascoigne, WRN president and coordinator of many projects at SpruceHaven, was our leader. Under his instruction, we worked to improve the meadow habitat by removing unwelcome species (thistles and sumac) which tend to overrun the wildflowers.

With the very dry weather, the ground was really hard so we got a workout digging down to the roots. We filled lots of buckets and created brush piles so we felt good about helping this important habitat — even though it is clearly an on-going job!

During a break, we learned more from Dave and David about the meadow, the wildlife corridor, and many other habitat restorations at the farm.

Stay tuned to hear about our salamander monitoring work, also at SpruceHaven, and hopefully, lots more environmental work projects around the community.

Marg Paré