Montgomery Work Day Fall 2019

Friday October 25th

At 9am on a lovely cloudy fall day we gathered to do our annual Property Inspection. As we went down into the property we were held up by a downed tree that had to be cleared. It was a sign of things to come as we had more trees down (3 big trees across the trail) as we went. It was hard work with bow saws, so we left the clearing of the biggest windfall to our spring clean-up. Throughout the property more trees were down on the forest floor – mainly ash.


Property markers were all in place and giant hogweed was not to be found. Another super job done by our Hogweed volunteers.

Signs were in good condition, trail features all still present, the ferns fast fading. There was one beer bottle -the only piece of garbage found on the property.

Running Strawberry Bush
New beaver lodge on the Nith River

Graham had made 70 aluminum markers to apply to trees which will replace the paint markings we have used in the past. Graham & Wayne placed 63 of them on trees marking the trail in one direction. He will make more for the spring when we will mark the trail going in reverse.


Wood duck boxes: we all gathered to watch the west wood duck box be opened and examined for evidence of wood duck breeding. As the box was lowered everyone jumped! – a screech owl flew out.

Eastern Screech Owl
unhappy with being turned upside down and quickly leaving the scene
West wood duck box contents


The East wood duck box did show evidence of wood duck nesting with remnants of egg shells and membrane but not as much as usual. There were Flicker feathers inside as well. Both boxes were cleaned and the old wood chips replaced with fresh.

East wood duck box contents

We gathered at the roadside to have our juice and cookies before heading out for the rest of the day.

A big thank you to everyone! Always such fun to be together and enjoying a fall morning in a beautiful setting!

Reported by Marg Macdonald