WRN Kids – Pond Study

On the last Saturday in September, the Nature Kids group met for the first time. We started out by playing a few games to get to know other families.

Our topic for the day was pond life and the diversity of animals that live in the pond. Jean Luc, our naturalist, told us that only 5 % of all animals have spines like us! We don’t know as much about invertebrates so that is what we looked for in the pond. Jean Luc showed us how to use nets properly and we worked in groups to collect pond creatures.

It was really fun to catch different kinds of animals – we found some pretty interesting ones.

We brought them back to learn to identify what we found. We found nymphs, beetles, minnows and crayfish to name a few. At the end of our time together, we took turns sharing with the group what our favourite finds were.

Immature Large Milkweed Bugs

We look forward to seeing everyone next month to learn about nature photography!