A Montgomery Winter

A Montgomery Winter

Part of the definition of a floodplain is that it occasionally gets flooded, although normally that happens in the spring and not in mid-winter. This winter the Nith River covered all of the floodplain at our F.H. Montgomery Wildlife Sanctuary.

Graham Macdonald took these pictures on Wednesday February 21, 2018:

Bridge Street Bridge
The Nith River viewed from the Bridge St. bridge adjacent to our nature reserve.
Montgomery Sign FLooded
The sign near our trail entrance.
Montgomery Trail Flooded
A somewhat relevant "Use At Your Own Risk" sign marks our trail.
New Hamburg Flooding 1
Taken in nearby New Hamburg.
New Hamburg Flooding 2
View over the Nith to the dam (obliterated by water) and toward The Waterlot.

Fraser Gibson took these pictures of the aftermath on Friday March 16, 2018:

Sculpted ice
Sculpted ice near Post 1 of the trail.
Debris on all trees near start of trail. Lot of debris along river is corn stalks/leaves
Ice blocks
Near the start of the trail, looking SW toward river at all the remaining ice
Debris at Post 3
Ice on tarps
Ice on top of our periwinkle control tarps.