WRN Kids – Photo Scavenger Hunt

WRN Kids – Photo Scavenger Hunt

The rain stopped for WRN Kids as they set out to explore and take photos at their monthly meeting on Saturday November 25.

A Goldenrod Gall was discovered and broken open to show the larva of the Goldenrod Gall Fly inside.
A Woollybear caterpillar was crossing the road and got examined before being moved out of danger.

Goldenrod Gall

It was also a great day for fungi including Turkey Tail fungus.

Turkey Tail Fungus

They turned lots of logs but decided that the salamanders were probably hibernating deeper down in the earth.

Looking for salamanders

For a full report and more photos, see the blog entry at the WRN Kids website: November 25, 2017 – Photo Scavenger Hunt