Cape May Warbler

SpruceHaven Outing

WRN visited SpruceHaven Farm just north of St. Agatha on Saturday September 16, 2017 on an outing led by David Gascoigne.

We started out watching a number of birds being banded at a picnic table just outside the barn.

SpruceHaven Bird Banding


Next up was a talk about the Barn Swallow monitoring program inside the barn with its dozens of numbered mud nests. The Barn Swallows had already left for the winter.

Barn Swallow Talk

We then toured the various habitats on the property, and heard about the Motus bird tracking tower located there, and the salamander monitoring project.

SpruceHaven Woods

We finished up with refreshments at the house of the property owners - David Westfall and Sandy and Jamie Hill.

For a full report on this outing by David Gascoigne with photos by Miriam Bauman see